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I write a mix of everything, but currently, I'm very passionate about writing erotica and romance stories. Some of the stories are set in real life, and some are set in the world of supernatural beings and fantasy worlds, but all are filled with lots of steamy sex and passion. My stories are suitable for adults only, and it's so much better that way.

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The Storm – Book One of the “Impossible Choices” Series

The Storm - Book 1 of Impossible Choices by Eden Devoe

Book One

With a nasty storm brewing outside, Corinne finds herself trapped inside a cabin with her 3 companions. Not that she’s complaining. The three brothers – Liam, Owen, and Tristan – are the most beautiful men she has ever known. With their dark hair, their perfect bodies, and haunting bluish grey eyes, the brothers look like supermodels to her. Each brother is appealing in his own right, and she cannot decide which one is the most handsome. Luckily, she for her, Corrine doesn’t have to choose between them. She’s already dating the oldest, Liam. He makes her happy, is great in bed, and she thinks she might be falling for him. Secretly though, she wants the other two as well.

The storm keeps them all locked inside, and the boredom is causing problems for everyone one. Corrine escapes by napping, but the brothers aren’t so easily distracted. When she wakes from a catnap on the couch to hear a hushed conversation that sounds suspicious about her, she begins to suspect the other brothers want more than friendship from her. However, before she can voice true concern, Liam takes matters into his own hands. Never much of an exhibitionist, Corrine tries to stop things before they go too far, but Liam is strong, stubborn, and far too good with his hands. He quickly overrides her objections, and she lets him do what he wants, and lets the brothers watch. But neither can be satisfied with simply watching forever, and before long, Corrine finds herself swept up in a crazy evening of pleasure she’ll never forget.

*This story is intended for readers 18+ due to adult content and themes. Reader discretion is advised.


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Complications – Book Two of the “Impossible Choices” Series

Complications - Book 2 of "Impossible Choices"

Book Two

Corinne needs time to do some serious thinking. But with the storm still raging fiercely outside, it’s hard to get the space she needs in the rather small cabin. Locking herself in the room she shares with Liam seems like the best choice, and for awhile, she has some peace and quiet. However, sorting out her emotions over what happened between her and the three gorgeous men she was currently sharing space with was not exactly an easy task. Although she thoroughly enjoyed herself, she can’t help but feel hurt by the fact that Liam so casually shared her with others…even his own brothers. It makes her feel cheap and unappreciated. Her thoughts and emotions swirl like mad, imitating the chaos outside, until finally she falls into a fitful sleep.

She isn’t left alone for all that long. Liam is not deterred by a small lock on a bedroom door and quickly intrudes on her space. He seems to think he’s given her enough space for one evening, and he not only wants to sleep in his own bed, but wants all that comes along with sleeping next to a beautiful woman. Corrine is not in a place where she can even speak to him yet without sounding angry, but Liam hardly seems to notice that she’s upset with him. They have a small fight, but when she tries to leave, Liam won’t let her. And despite being furious and hurt, Corinne finds she still cannot resist his touch and his attention. He quickly seduces her and takes what he wants, as if claiming territory. When the passion cools, he tries to pull her into his arms to cuddle as if nothing has changed but Corinne manages to resist this time.

Still upset and needing space that seems hard to find, she storms out of the room. The living room is not ideal, but at least while the others sleep, she can have some time to herself. Or so she believes. But just before dozing off, a shape makes its way to her blankets. Tensing for another argument with Liam, she’s surprised to find Owen crouching in front of her, looking concerned. Looking into his beautiful face, remembering his touch and how it felt when she was with him, she realizes she’s not angry with him at all. When he suddenly kisses her, all thoughts slide away, and she finds herself getting swept away in a sea of passion that will change things forever.

*This story is intended for adult audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

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Morning After – Book Three of the “Impossible Choices” Series

Morning After - Book 3 of "Impossible Choices"

Book Three

As morning rolls around, Corinne realizes that the events of the day and night before had not been some sort of amazing dream. When she comes face to face with an irritated Liam while still in the arms of Owen, she realizes that it maybe have been all too real. She has no way to explain her actions, not that Liam wants any. He’s only interested in one thing…claiming his territory. She belongs to him, and no one else, and he’d determined to prove it. Corinne doesn’t fight him. There seems little point, even if she takes offense to him calling her property.

When Owen wakes up, things turn a little ugly. The boys start fighting while she is literally trapped between them. Corinne can’t help but feel uncomfortable. It should be flattering being fought over by two gorgeous men, but it just makes her upset and angry. They make her feel used and unappreciated. They both think they are in the right, and the argument gets heated enough to wake up Tristan, who surprises them all enough that Corinne is able to wiggle out from between the argument, temporarily forgetting that she’s not dressed. Tristan doesn’t seem to mind, his eyes instantly locking onto her body as she tries to flee from the room. He stops her, though, and demands to know what’s going on. From there, the argument gets more heated, and Corinne ends up getting extremely angry. So much so that she ends up storming out of the cabin in only a jacket and a pair of boots.

Despite the fact that the weather hasn’t improved, she wants to get away from all of them. She has no idea where she’s headed, all that matters is that she gets away from Liam and Owen and their pointless argument. It doesn’t take long, though, for the freezing wind and icy rain to make her regret her hasty retreat from the warm cabin. She briefly considers going back inside, but when one of the men abruptly catches up to her, she finds her stubborn streak winning over her rational side. She won’t go back without a fight. And Tristan, the only one to notice her leaving in the first place, won’t let her stay out in the dangerous storm. He picks her up and physically drags her back inside…except he doesn’t take them to the cabin. Instead, he brings her to the woodshed so that she can calm down away from the harsh elements.

Corinne is grateful for his interference, if a little wary. She knows that Tristan is as interested in her as the others, and as much as she hates to admit it, she feels something similar. She tries to keep her distance, but when she starts to shake uncontrollably, she’s forced to let Tristan try to warm her up. And before too long, things get a lot more steamy than one would expect in a unheated woodshed as she gives up trying to resist him. She might not know what the future holds for her, but one thing has become painfully clear to Corinne: She cannot choose between them anymore. It’s all three or nothing…and she’s not willing to settle for nothing.

*This book contains adult content and is intended for an adult audience only. 18+ strongly recommended.

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Object of Desire – The First Book in the “Friends With Benefits” Series

Object of Desire(Friends With Benefits Book 1)

Book One

Practical to a fault and a little uptight, Kori has been denying herself something she’s wanted for months…CJ. Tall, dark, rich, and handsome, CJ is the guy of her dreams. But he’s a notorious womanizer, sleeping with every beautiful woman he sees. Kori doesn’t want to be just another notch on his belt, even though she desperately wants him, and keeps saying no when he propositions her.

CJ finds Kori interesting, sweet, and most importantly, breathtakingly beautiful. He wants her so much its almost painful, but she keeps denying him. It’s frustrating beyond belief. Rich enough to have everything he’s ever wanted laid at his feet, he hates the fact that Kori won’t cave. When his cousin, Derek, who also happens to be Kori’s ex, offers him a “solution” to his problem, CJ finds himself tempted. In the past, Derek has slipped Kori something to mellow her out, something with an interesting side effect…it makes her horny as hell. Derek offers the magical “herb” for a price. He wanted to be with her as well. When CJ seduces her, Derek wants to be there to play as well.

He knows it’s wrong, but CJ accepts Derek’s terms. He wants Kori, and Derek’s solution seems like the only way he’ll ever get her. The only hitch, he’s not willing to give it to her without her knowledge. He offers it to her, telling her what’s it’s meant for (though conveniently leaving out the bit about the horny side effect), and she reluctantly agrees. Soon, Kori is feeling the effects, and when CJ makes his move, she happily agrees this time. What follows is a night she’ll never forget…even if it’s likely to change their friendship forever.

**This hot, sizzling romance is intended for adult readers only as it contains adult situations, language, and explicit sexual content.

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Lapse in Judgment – Book Two of the “Friends With Benefits” Series

Lapse in judgment

Book Two

When Kori wakes up the next morning naked and curled up with someone else, she is momentarily confused. Memories of the night before quickly come flooding back to her. She feels a mix of emotions, not the least of which is humiliation, for agreeing to sleep with both Derek and CJ. She doesn’t really regret it…being with CJ was more than she had ever dreamed it could be. Her deepest desires came true, and she had the man of her dreams – her insanely rich, handsome, irresistible, charming and sexy alpha male – and it’s something she will never forget. The only thing to taint the memory is the thought of Derek touching her again. She had never wanted that. Despite how good he makes her feel physically, she cannot forgive him for the past. She can’t help but wonder why CJ would allow such a thing in the first place. He might share her with another girl, but his dominate, alpha male personality didn’t really lend itself to sharing anything with another man, even his own cousin. She wants answers, but when she hears the truth, she regrets pushing.

Humiliated, scandalized, and angered by CJ’s betrayal, she tries to leave but he won’t let her go. He seduces her again, and despite her best effort, she cannot resist him. They spend a wild morning together, proving that the explosive chemistry from the night before was not a onetime thing. The sexual chemistry and the attraction between them is electric, but will that be enough to preserve their relationship after such a betrayal?

*This sizzling, sensual romance story is intended for adult readers only as it contains language and situations suitable to those 18+, and contains explicit sexual content.

**This is the second book of the series. If you have not read “Object of Desire”, it is highly recommended that you do so (though it isn’t strictly necessary). Enjoy!

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Forgiven But Not Forgotten – Book Three of the “Friends With Benefits” Series

Forgiven but not Forgotten - Book 3 of "Friends with Benefits"

Book Three

It’s been weeks since Kori has allowed herself to speak to C.J. She’s been dodging his calls, mostly ignoring his texts, and refusing to answer the door when he shows up. She knows she’s being ridiculous, that she can’t avoid him forever, but she’s just not ready to let him back into her life. His betrayal still stings, and she’s terribly embarrassed. She just can’t face him. C.J is relentless, though. Her silence hasn’t deterred him in the slightest, and she knows he’ll never give up until she sits down to talk with him. The only problem is…C.J will never be satisfied with simply talking. She knows that. If she lets him in, he’ll just end up seducing her again.

When the phone rings early in morning, she’s not at all surprised to find that the caller is C.J. She ignores it, but can’t ignore the message he leaves on her voicemail. He tells her he’s on his way over to talk. Kori considers just letting him in this time, but ultimately rejects the idea, and decides to flee. She gets a huge surprise, though, when she pulls open the door to find herself coming face to face with C.J. He tricked her, knowing she’d end up fleeing rather than facing him. He quickly takes advantage of her shock and worms his way inside, demanding that they talk. And as much as she really doesn’t want to, she realizes there’s no way around it. She has to talk to him. Feeling defensive and unhappy, she begrudgingly takes a seat on the couch with him.

C.J is the first to break the silence, wanting to know why she’s been avoiding him. She gives him the answers he wants, trying to stay calm, but the conversation just upsets her all over again. He tries to apologize with words, but she doesn’t want to hear it, so he tries in a more direct way. He pulls her close and kisses her. Startled, she tries to resist him for a minute, but pretty soon, her resistance melts away, and she finds herself caving to his every demand. There’s no way she can cut him out of her life. She craves his touch, craves his company, and now that she’s let him back in, there’s no turning back.

*This book contains adult content and is intended for an adult audience only. 18+ strongly recommended.

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Damien’s Good Girl – Book One of the “Slave To His Whims” Series

Damien's Good Girl - Slave to His Whims Book 1

Book One

Angel is in love with a man she can’t have, and it’s driving her insane. Yet, she can’t seem to stay away from Damien, no matter how much it frustrates her. He’s extremely charming, insanely rich, and excessively handsome. To Angel, he’s irresistible. The only problem is…Damien is engaged. He’s not an option for her, but she cannot bring herself to break their friendship. When he says jump, she says how high, which is why she finds herself at a loud, crowded club, listening to a band she doesn’t really like. Only Damien’s proximity, sitting next to her at the table, keeps her from being completely miserable. Eventually though, the noise and crowds begin to get to her, so she flees outside for some air.

Damien follows close behind, and it quickly becomes apparent that he’s not really interested in talking. He pins her to a wall and kisses her roughly, and Angel finds herself melting into his arms, basically willing to let him do whatever he wants in that moment. They are interrupted by more clubbers joining them outside, but the look on Damien’s face tells Angel that he isn’t done with her. When she tries to get answers to the questions now racing in her head, he brushes them aside and tells her she now belongs to him. She tries to argue, but he pulls her back inside, effectively ending the conversation.

She tries to turn her attention back to the music, but Damien doesn’t allow her the luxury. He slips his hand between her legs, making Angel panic. The more she protests, the more aggressive he becomes until there is nothing left to do but submit to his demands…the most important of which is not to argue with him about what’s going to happen. She tries her best, but when he continually pushes her boundaries, it becomes impossible to keep her protests inside. And Damien punishes her for ignoring his demands. It’s by far the most pleasurable punishment she’s ever received, and finally, she decides to just give in and let him have his way. Damien has a hold on her heart and mind, and there is no way to deny the dark, deep desires anymore. She lets him dominate her, and quickly realizes that the moment he touched her, she became a slave to his whims.

**This steamy, sizzling romance series is intended for adult readers only. Contained within are adult situations, language, and highly explicit sexual content.

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Buying His Silence – Book Two of the “Slave To His Whims” Series

Buying His Silence - Slave to His Whims Book 2

Book Two

Waking the next morning to find Damien still beside her, Angel can hardly believe that the night before was not some terribly hot and sexy dream. The man of her dreams has spent the night, and he certainly made his stay memorable. And Damien is far from done. In a playful mood, he forces Angel to play his sexy games, no letting her find any satisfaction until he gives her permission. It’s a turn on, and Angel eagerly plays along, feeling her lust for the man teasing her reaching new highs with every passing moment.

As a reward for playing his teasing, sensual games so well, Damien finally gives Angel permission to find her release as he takes her on the kitchen table. But before she can tumble over that edge, they are interrupted by Carl letting himself into her apartment. Embarrassed, Angel tries to make Damien stop, but he doesn’t care about an audience, and forces her to finish while Carl watches.

But the day’s fun is far from over. Concerned that Carl will let their secret spill to the wrong person, Damien offers to buy his silence…by letting Carl have Angel as well. When she protests, Damien forces her to make the hardest decision of her life: play his game his way, or let him walk away forever. Can Angel let the man of her dreams walk away so easily or will she cave to Damien’s demands once more?

**This sexy, sensual, hot romance is meant for adult readers, 18 years and older, only. Contained within are plenty of adult situations, language, and explicit sexual content.

** This is the second book of the “Slave to His Whims” series. You can still enjoy Damien and Angel’s adventures without reading the first one, but it’s highly recommended that you read that one as well. Enjoy!

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Husband Swap – The First Book in the “An Encouraged Affair” Series

Husband Swap - An Encouraged Affair Book 1

Book One

I’ve been married for a long time, and although I still love my husband, our love life is nothing to write home about. It’s bland and boring and far too infrequent. Desperate to have things improve between us, I agreed that we should try spicing things up when my husband suggested it. I expected interesting toys, sexy costumes, and some role playing. What I got was him inviting another couple to come play with us.

I should have said no, and would have if he’d picked anyone other than Blake and his wife. A coworker, a friend, and someone I’d been tempted to have an affair with for years, I couldn’t bring myself to say no. Being given permission to spend a night with the man who had haunted my dreams for years, it was simply an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. And I certainly didn’t regret it. Sexy as hell, Blake was everything I’d ever dreamed about. The only problem…I’ll never be able to stay away from him now that I’ve had him. He’s simply too irresistible…and he seems to feel the same.

**This hot, spicy romance is full of adult situations, language, and explicit sexual content. It is intended for adult readers only.

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New Beginnings – Book Two of the “An Encouraged Affair” Series

New Beginnings - Book 1 of "An Encouraged Affair"

Book Two

When Monday rolled around, I couldn’t help but be both excited and terrified. I had spent all of Sunday reliving my night with Blake, running the whispered conversations over and over in my head. Part of me wanted to believe that his words had been true, but the practical side of me believed they had simply been false promises given in a moment of weakness. I needed to talk to Blake in order to sort fantasy from reality. Unfortunately, being immediately pulled into a meeting that lasted the entire work day prevented me from getting answers. When I got pulled along to a company dinner, I seriously doubted I was going to get my chance at all. Blake, it seemed, had other ideas. He was as eager to talk to me as I was to talk to him. When he lured me to the bathrooms, it quickly became apparent that I hadn’t been imagining things, that he truly did want me and wanted us to be together. The thought was both terrifying and exhilarating, and I eagerly fell into his arms, allowing him to pull me into a stall and have his way with me. As satisfying as the moment was, there was no way either of us could let it end there. As soon as we could safely ditch our coworkers, Blake led me to a hotel. The second night together was even better than the first, was everything I had ever dreamed of, and I realized in that moment that I could never stay away from him. I wasn’t quite ready to admit the true depth of my feelings, it was too early, things were just too new, but the emotions were there and strong. No matter what it cost me, I knew I would never let Blake go again. He was my future, and I couldn’t have been happier with that reality, even if the thought of letting go of my old life terrified me.

*This story is intended for readers 18+ due to adult content and themes. Reader discretion is advised.

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Deception – Book One of the “Seas of Passion” Series

Deception (seas of passion Book 1)

Book One

Jana is running away from her life for a very good reason. A highly abusive ex has made it impossible to keep living her life as she wants. Charming and mysterious in the beginning, her ex quickly shows there’s a darker side to his love, leaving her heartbroken. She leaves him behind and tries to move on with her life, but that’s not an easy task. He doesn’t want to be forgotten, and he demonstrates how much through his fists. After he almost beats her to death for a second time, Jana decides it’s time to disappear…for good if she can. The next time she won’t be so lucky. With the help of a trusted friend, she poses as a man named Jayden and lands a job on a large ship as a galley cook. A few lies and a pile of deceit seems like a better bargain to her than living her life looking over her shoulder, terrified that every shadow holds her own personal demon.

The trick works for a while. No one sees through the disguise, mostly because no one ever cares enough to look closely at her. But that abruptly changes when the owner of the ship – a charming, outrageously sexy, confident, and dominate man – confronts her about his confusing feelings for Jayden, her alter ego. The sexual attraction between the two is powerful and undeniable, and Aaron can no longer keep quiet, despite his misgivings over being attracted to “a man”. He pounces on her, his lips smashing against her own, his hands wandering her body, working their way between her legs, only to find something he wasn’t expecting. Confronted with the truth, Aaron is both hurt and angry but all Jana can see is the anger. Visions of her haunted past rear their ugly head, and she flees from him before he can do more than catch his breath.

Aaron spends the night brooding over the events. He is both confused and angered by the fact that he has been lied to by someone he trusts. He wants answers, wants explanations for the lies, and a reason for the deception. But Jana is reluctant to give any. Given her past, she is slow to trust. And speaking about the events that led to her running away is extremely hard for her. She cannot reveal her dark secrets, her troubled past, not even to a man as insanely sexy, generous, and kind as Aaron. She refuses to give him any reason for her betrayal of his trust which serves to anger him more. When he threatens to toss her at the nearest port and sail away, she decides to be bold and offer him something he cannot resist: her.

**A sexy, sizzling romance that will leave you wanting more. This story is intended for adults only, 18+, due to adult situation, violence, language, and explicit sexual content.

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Revealed – Book Two of the “Seas of Passion” Series

Revealed (seas of passion book 2)

Book Two

A month after Jana’s deception is revealed, the crew stops at a tropical island for a little rest and relaxation. The past few weeks have been amazing for her, every evening finding herself wrapped tightly in Aaron’s electric embrace, and loving every second of it. He’s everything she has ever dreamed of in a man: Dark and mysterious, insanely rich, outrageously sexy, dominate without being scary, yet also kind, attentive, and tender. The sexual chemistry between them is blistering hot, the sex explosive and addicting. But Jana knows it’s more or less a simple exchange of goods not a romantic relationship, as much as it pains her to admit it. Aaron gets his fun, gets his lust sated, and she gets to stay safe, nothing more than that.

While Aaron stays on-board the ship to catch up on some work, Jana makes her way to the beach with Jake and is finally able to shed the over-sized, hot clothes that make up her disguise. She can wear whatever she wants while not on the ship, and her choice of outfits borders on scandalous. She revels in the freedom, allowing the warm breezes and soft rays of the sun to caress her bare skin as much as she can. A part of her though, a rather large and insistent part, wishes she could return to the ship to be closer to Aaron. Her new found freedom from the web of lies she lives with daily is muted by the fact that she cannot share it with him.

Aaron cannot stay away for long either, it seems, and surprises her by showing up at her hotel. Things get steamy quickly as he all but drags her to his hotel room to make up for lost time. But in the afterglow of their passion, Aaron’s possessive streak is revealed, and memories of a dark, dangerous, and painful past bubble to the surface of Jana’s mind. Overwhelmed by the sea of unwelcome emotions, the two headstrong, passionate lovers end up in a heated argument. Jana tries to storm away but Aaron is not about to let that happen. His aggression terrifies her and she flinches from him as if he was the enemy, breaking Aaron’s heart. There is no turning back now. Jana’s dark secrets have to be revealed, but finding the courage to speak about such an overwhelming betrayal is next to impossible. Can the two lovebirds weather the storm, or is this the end of their budding romance?

**The second part of this sensual, erotic tale, “Revealed” will leave you wanting more. This book is intended for readers 18 years and older due to adult situations, language, and explicit sexual content.

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Offering – Book One of the “A Werewolf’s Pet” Series

Offering  - A Werewolf's Pet  Book 1

Book One

Lorelei never truly believed in anything supernatural until she gets kidnapped by a werewolf and taken to his pack. Scared out of her wits, she has no idea why she’s there or what they want from her. She quickly finds out, but not even her wildest dreams or kinkiest fantasies could have prepared her for a life surrounded by dangerous and scary, yet somehow sexy and irresistible, werewolves.

She is immediately the center of attention with every werewolf, male and female, desperate to touch her, play with her. Wandering hands quickly strip her of clothing, leaving her naked and vulnerable in a crowd of dangerous strangers. It becomes apparently almost immediately to Lorelei that they have no desire to harm her. In fact, it seems to be the complete opposite. Hands – small, large, rough, smooth – begin to explore every inch of her exposed skin, but instead of being afraid, Lorelei finds herself becoming very aroused. The touch of these bizarre strangers is electric and erotic, and she finds it impossible not to submit to the feelings of lust they inspire.

The group instantly breaks apart, leaving her shaky from the experience, when a new werewolf arrives on the scene. It’s clear from the first second she glimpses him that he is the alpha male, the dominate man of the pack. When the man who kidnapped her gives her to the sexy, powerful, seductive leader as a gift, Lorelei can’t help but feel a mixture of emotions, the two most powerful being fear and scorching desire.

Fitted with a collar that makes her a pet, she has to find a way to settle into her new life. And although it won’t be easy to do, her handsome new “owner” just might take the sting out of being held prisoner.

**A scorching hot romance between the supernatural and humans, this book is intended for adult readers 18+ due to adult situation, language, and explicit sexual content.

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Mistress Tali – Book Two of the “A Werewolf’s Pet” Series

Mistress Tali - A Werewolf's Pet  Book 1

Book Two

Lorelei really isn’t given any time to adjust to her situation. The werewolves want their new pet to start training right away, and she finds herself rudely awaken the next morning by a beautiful werewolf woman named Tali. She is there to get Lorelei prepared to start her day. There are rules to be learned, protocols to be followed, and many pleasures to be sought, and Tali is eager to introduce the pack’s newest pet to some of the others. But for Lorelei, it is all too much. She doesn’t understand what’s happening, and no one wants to give her any details. Taking pity on her, Tali agrees to fill her in on what Lorelei’s new role will be: she is there to pleasure, and be pleasured by, any werewolf that wants here. And Tali makes it clear there is no point trying to fight them. Humans are unable to resist werewolves, and when a werewolf wants to play, the human pet will want to play as well. To prove her point, she pounces on Lorelei, completely seducing her in seconds, and Lorelei eagerly surrenders and enjoys the attention.

Once Tali is done proving her point, she takes Lorelei out of the safety of her chambers, and doesn’t let her put on any clothes. The most she allows is a very thin pair of underwear that barely covers anything, much to Lorelei’s shame. She can feel the eyes of dozens of werewolves as she is paraded in front of them basically naked, and guided by a leash. It’s humiliating and degrading, but there is nothing she can do but follow behind the woman holding her leash. They stop in front of a rather small group of werewolves, and Lorelei is introduced as the newest pet, Peaches. As far as they are concerned, the name Lorelei never existed, and Lorelei herself must adjust to the strangeness of her new identity.

It’s time for her first real lesson: how to introduce and offer herself to werewolves. Scared by the warnings Tali gave her earlier, and eager to avoid punishments, Lorelei tries to play the role of Peaches the best she can, and soon gets swept up in a sea of intense pleasure as the werewolves decide they want to play with her together. With sexy, dominant men and women putting their hands all over her, she becomes completely submissive and a willing and eager partner in their fun and games.

** A sexy, sizzling erotic tale of submission, dominance, and extreme pleasure that is intended to be read by Adults only, 18+, as there are adult situations, language, and explicit sexual content throughout. Enjoy!!

** “Mistress Tali” is the second book in the “A werewolf’s pet” series. Though you can enjoy this book without reading the first, it is recommended that you pick up “Offering” as well, so you can better understand Lorelei’s situation.

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My Night With A Male Stripper

My Night With A Male Stripper by Eden Devoe

An Erotic Short From Eden

Going to a strip club was never high on Erin’s list of things to do, but when a bachelorette party she’s attending works its way to one, she tries to enjoy herself as much as she can. The company is good, the drinks tasty, and the male strippers sexy as hell. One in particular catches her eye and makes her think the raciest thoughts she’s had in years. Lost in sensual daydreams while she watches him lose one piece of clothing after another, she’s startled from her thoughts by another woman at the table, Mary Ann, who claims to be his friend. And Mary Ann hints that Erin’s favorite, gorgeous stripper, Marc, may be interested in more than simple introductions…at least when it comes to Erin.

When Marc comes to the table, Erin finds herself at a loss for words for a moment. Up close, he’s even hotter than she had expected. That goes away quickly, though, when he turns his attention toward her. There is an instant, electric, irresistible attraction between the two, and she soon finds herself in a pleasant conversation with a charming, handsome stripper as they try to get to know each other a little better. All too soon, though, his break is over and he has to leave, much to Erin’s disappointment.

But luckily for Erin, Mary Ann has a surprise for her. Later in the evening, she convinces Erin to follow her to the backrooms of the club, and leads here to Marc’s dressing room before leaving the two of them alone. Marc is thrilled to see her, eager to continue getting to know her, but he soon makes it very clear that his idea of getting to know her is different than hers…and much more pleasurable.

** This erotic story is suited for adults only as it contains adult language, situations, and explicit sexual content.

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Clean Slate

Clean Slate by Eden Devoe

An Erotic Short From Eden

Jane has a new roommate, one that is almost irresistible in her eyes. Charming, sexy, devilishly handsome, it’s hard to think straight sometimes when he’s near…especially since he likes to walk around the apartment in just his underwear. The sexual attraction Jane feels for him is almost unbearable most days, but she cannot bring herself to tell him how she feels for fear of embarrassing herself and destroying their long friendship.

Grateful for her help in his time of need, Michael tries to be the best roommate he can be. But Jane knows it has to be hard for him. He’s used to being provider, the alpha male in every situation, and depending on her for things has to fill him with frustration. There are no other options, though. Without a job or an apartment of his own, his hands are tied. Still, he keeps promising her, over and over, that he will find some way to pay her back for everything she’s done for him. Most of the time, the offer sounds innocent, but not today. There is a hint of something darker, more erotic and intoxicating, hidden beneath his words as he watches her with his intense gaze. Certain she is reading too much into his sensual words, she tries to get ready for her day.

Jumping in the shower, Jane tries to push the sizzling images of his mostly naked body and beautiful face out of her mind. Michael is just a friend, she reminds herself, but when strong hands suddenly caress her middle, her daydreams and wishes suddenly become very, very real. Michael has found his way to pay her back, but will Jane accept it? Can she put aside her feelings of inadequacy and fear of rejection or heartbreak long enough to give into her dark desires and find pleasure in the arms of her sexy, irresistible roommate?

**This hot, erotic romance is recommended for adult audiences only due to adult language, situation, and explicit sexual content.

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Falling For Him

Falling for Him by Eden Devoe

An Erotic Short From Eden

Andrea has been jogging past the same hot, insanely sexy man for nearly a year but has never found the courage to introduce herself. Instead, she spends her time wondering who he is and about steamy, kinky, wild encounters with her mysterious stranger.

Her distraction as she nears him one morning leads to disaster, and she ends up tripping and tumbling off the path, much to her horror and embarrassment. But all is not lost. Her mysterious and sexy stranger has a heart of gold, and stops to make sure she is alright. He helps her sit up and examines her for injuries. His touch sends pleasant shivers through out her body and excitement coiling in her belly…something he seems to sense. There’s no denying the intense sexual chemistry between them, and when his hands start creeping up her thighs, Andrea does not protest. Things quickly become heated as the sexual attraction between the two heats up. He is irresistible, and despite being a complete stranger (they haven’t even exchanged names), she allows him to carry her to a more secluded spot than on the side of a popular jogging path. Andrea is determined to let her sexy hero to do whatever he wants to her, and from the bulge she spotted in his shorts, she knows she’ll enjoy it. She knows it’s wrong, that she should be scandalized for even harboring such thoughts, but she finds herself completely enraptured by the seductively beautiful man in front of her. She is unable to break the spell he has cast over her, and more importantly, unwilling. And to get what she wants, she is willing to submit to his every demand, willing to let him dominate her and their entire encounter. It’s the wisest, most pleasurable decision she has ever made.

**This steamy, sizzling romance between two complete stranger will leave you wanting more. This story is intended for adult readers only, 18+, due to adult situations, language, and explicit sexual content.

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My Brother’s Best Friend

My Brother's Best Friend by Eden Devoe

An Erotic Short From Eden

Kat’s brother has been staying with her for a while after being kicked out of his apartment by his girlfriend. Though she’s happy to have him, the arrangement is more than a little frustrating at times. Her brother is self-centered and inconsiderate, unable to even clean up his own mess. When he invites his friends over to spend the evening in her house without asking first, she is more than a little irritated. It fades slightly when he reveals that, Jason, his best friend, will be joining them. Kat had been secretly in love with Jason while growing up, and the thought of seeing him again after so many years awakens some long forgotten desires.

Her brother exits to go fetch snacks at the store, leaving Kat with the house to herself for a while. Enjoying the peace and quiet, she dozes off, only to be woken by a knocking on the door. She knows it has to be Jason, but her nervousness about seeing him again after such a long time prevents her from rushing to the door. When she pulls it open, she finds herself staring at one of the sexiest, handsome men she has ever seen. The sexual attraction is instant, and she has to actively force herself not to reach out and touch him.

Still waiting for her brother to show back up, Kat and Jason catch up on all of the things they have missed over the years, and enjoy a few cold beers. A phone call from her brother lets them know that they can stop waiting. He isn’t coming back that evening. Desperate to keep Jason in her house, she offers to play some video games with him, and he eagerly accepts…but with a condition. He wants them to play in a truth or dare fashion. The winner of each round gets to dare the other to do something crazy. Intrigued, Kat accepts. The game starts innocently enough with him forcing her to admit she’s attracted to him, but it doesn’t stay innocent for long. When he dares her to kiss him, things get heated very fast, and Kat finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of pleasure and desire. His sensual whispers and seductive caresses soon break down her resistance, and she allows herself to fall for her brother’s best friend.

**This sizzling romance is intended for adult readers only, 18+, as it contains adult situations, language, and explicit sexual content.

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Special Delivery – Service With A Smile

Special Delivery - Service With A Smile

An Erotic Short From Eden

With her boytoy out of town, Martha finds herself feeling a little lonely and quite horny, and there seems to be no relief in sight. Her husband will never give her what she needs, and toys are only a short time fix. She needs to find someone new to play with before she goes crazy from need. She’s horny enough that when the doorbell rings unexpectedly, signaling the delivery of a package, she briefly considers inviting her usual delivery man in for a fling. But he’s quite old and fat, and she wants someone young and vital, someone who can give her what she needs. She’s in for a surprise, though, when she pulls the door open and finds someone new standing on her doorstep. The new delivery man is young, muscular, and sexy as hell, and Martha instantly wants him. And from the way his eyes wander up and down her body, she suspects he might want her, too. Luring him into her house is not all that difficult, and deciding to be bold, she quickly seduces him. He gives her what she wants, and fulfills the company motto, “Service with a smile”, to her complete satisfaction. This is one special delivery that Martha will never forget.

** This erotic story is suited for adults only as it contains adult language, situations, and explicit sexual content.

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Office Seduction

Office Seduction by Eden Devoe

An Erotic Short From Eden

There’s a new hot and sexy guy working at Lexie’s company, and she wants him desperately. The only trouble is…he doesn’t seem to pick up on the not-so-subtle signals she sends. She flirts with him every chance she gets. He is too irresistible. She’s tried using overly sensual gestures, has all but unbuttoned her shirt for him, and still nothing. Glen is intelligent, attractive, and downright sexy in her eyes, but he is more than a little socially awkward and just hasn’t clued in. During a Christmas party, Lexie decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands. Wearing a dress sexy enough to cause a scandal, she corners Glen and tries her very best to seduce him. Will she get her Christmas wish? Will Glen make all of her holiday dreams come true?

**This hot, erotic romance is recommended for adult audiences only due to adult language, situation, and explicit sexual content.

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Upcoming Stories

I’m working hard to bring you more sexy, steamy fiction.   There are parts for several of the series books in the works.  I’m also working on a larger piece…all about vampires and their human pets, and more specifically, a vampire named Marius and his human pet, Mackenzie.  (There is no official title yet, but the working one is “He Likes To Watch”).

Here’s a small taste.

The first is from the opening.  The second is from a random section of the book.  I hope you enjoy both!

Sample 1:

Perched on a ledge of a high building, hidden in deep shadow, Marius scanned the area for something to entertain himself.  His hunger had mostly been sated, having drained two humans already that evening, and now he was just trying to alleviate his boredom.  He wasn’t exactly sure what he was searching for, just someone he could scare.  It was always entertaining to terrify humans, and whatever unlucky soul he chose that evening would find themselves literally scared to death.  If he was lucky, he would find one whose heart was strong enough to last for hours, but it didn’t matter either way.  If his victim expired too early, he would simply find another to occupy the time until the sun began to rise again.

Movement to his right caught his attention, and he spun his gaze in that direction, surprised but pleased that anyone would be walking out of the mostly empty office building at such a late hour.  He heard the click of high heels on the pavement long before he could make out more than just a simple shape, and his smile widened, showing his fangs.  Women were always so much more fun to scare then men, and their blood was often richer.  He might even take her to his bed before killing her, if she proved lovely enough.  He’d probably end up draining her dry during the act, but it would alleviate the boredom just as well as scaring her to death.

He watched the woman walking briskly across the mostly empty parking lot toward her car and knew he had to have her.  She was tall with just the right amount of softness to her body to make her appear curvy and appealing.  He caught flashes of red as she passed by lights that highlighted her long, wavy hair, and his smile widened even more.  He’d always had a weakness for redheads.  When a noise startled her, she stopped cold in the middle of a patch of light, allowing Marius to see her face clearly for the first time, and he felt his eyes widen with shock.  If his heart had still been beating in his chest, he was certain it would have been pounding at that moment.  He felt as if he had just seen a ghost.  She was the spitting image of the woman he had loved so many, many years before…the woman he had killed while in a bloodlust shortly after becoming a vampire.  He felt the pain and guilt of that lose even now, centuries later.

Marius shook his head as if to clear it, certain he had to be imagining things.  There was simply no way that the woman below him could look like his Charlotte.  He had seen a resemblance, and his mind had conjured the image of his long lost love, that was all.  He glared down, straining his eyes, trying to make himself see the truth.  It didn’t help.   The woman was identical to Charlotte in every way that he could see, so much so that he could swear it was her.

He knew instantly that he had to have her, and not as a midnight snack or a toy to alleviate boredom.   He hesitated, though.  He was currently experiencing something akin to what humans would call a midlife crisis.  It was something that happened to all vampires every few centuries, and it made controlling impulses almost impossible.  Normally, he could resist draining a human even if he’d not had a single drop of blood for a week, if that was what he wanted.  While going through such a difficult stage of his life, he would be lucky not to drain every human within 100 feet, even if it made him physically ill.  He knew better than to take a human pet in his current state…the chances of him accidentally killing his toy went up exponentially the more time he spent around them.  And with the girl below, he knew it would be torture not to taste all that she had to offer. But killing her would feel like killing Charlotte all over again, and the guilt would eat him alive.

She was moving again, drawing ever closer to her car, and he considered just letting her go.  It would be better in the long run, for everyone.  But when he saw her casually flick her hair back over her shoulder, his resolve broke.  He had to have her.

Swooping down from the shadows, he was beside her in just a few seconds.  He spun her to face him before she even realized what was happening, and his hand clamped over her mouth, preventing a scream.  Her eyes were wide and frightened, and he noted that they were a lovely pale green: the only difference he could see between her and Charlotte…even her blood smelled the same.  He smiled at her, allowing her to see his fangs, and her eyes widened further.  “Sleep,” he told her in a deep, hypnotic voice.  “Sleep.”

He watched her eyelids start to close as his suggestion began to take hold of her mind.  But she was fighting it.  He could feel her resistance, could hear her thoughts screaming at her to stay awake.  He shook his head and suppressed a sigh.  “Sleep,” he told her again, staring into her eyes without blinking.  “You must sleep now.”

She resisted for just a few moments more, but soon her eyelids snapped shut, and he knew she was out cold.  Scooping her into his arms, he disappeared into the night with his new prize.


Sample 2:

In the blink of an eye, he was floating just in front of her, only a few inches from her face.  The move frightened her so badly that her grip completely slipped and she tumbled backward, letting out a scream of terror as she hurtled headfirst toward the concrete below.

She only fell perhaps a foot or two, though, before she found Marius’ arms locked tightly around her, preventing injury, and probably death… at least for the moment.   Her heart slamming like crazy in her chest, her body shaking so badly it felt as if she was standing in a snow storm in a bikini, she risked looking up to meet his gaze.  His eyes were still red, but they had dulled in intensity, and she recognized the color for what it was.  He was still hungry, but it was a different sort of hunger.  His eyes roamed up and down her body for a moment, and he licked his lips suggestively.  She felt a rush of intense fear mixed with excitement.

She felt the air rushing past her and blinked in surprise when he deposited her on the ground some distance away from the statue where they had been hovering just a second before.  He strode toward a bench, pulling her along behind him, then paused.  He met her eyes again, and she knew he was feeling almost as excited as she was.  His lips were suddenly crashing into hers, and she tried to pull away…not because she didn’t want him to kiss her, but because his face was still covered in warm, sticky blood, and the feel of it on her skin was turning her stomach.  He held her tight, his blood soaked hands working his way into her hair, pulling her to him, deepening the kiss.  She felt his tongue lapping at her bottom teeth, eager to dart inside her mouth, but she resisted, unwilling to taste the blood she knew still lingered there.

He finally broke away, his hands pulling her head backward enough so that he could see her face clearly.  His expression was unreadable, and she had no idea if he was angry, excited, or both, though his eyes suggested it was excitement that he was feeling, not annoyance.  He let out a deep sigh after a long moment and released his grip on her hair, his hands dropping to the edge of her shirt.  He abruptly pulled it up and over her head, tossing it lightly on the bench.  Mackenzie blinked in surprise, a little squeal of fright tumbling from her lips as she moved to cover herself.  He caught her hands before they had done more than begin to cross, and shook his head softly.  He stared into her eyes again, licking his lips as if about to enjoy a tasty treat, and she shivered in fear and excitement.

His gaze wandered downward, settling on her ample chest, and he frowned.  “This,” he said in a scolding tone, gesturing toward the black lace bra that covered them, “has got to go.”  He transferred his grip so that he was holding both of her hands with one of his, and with the other, he used his incredibly sharp talons to slice through the straps and the small bit of material that held it together in the front.  The pieces immediately fell away, her breasts springing loose as if they had been desperate for escape, and he let out a deep, lust filled growl.  “Much better,” he cooed, leaning forward to lick the right nipple softly.  He chuckled softly at her heated moan and raised his eyes to her again, holding her gaze.  “I don’t want you wearing them anymore.”

“Wha…what?” Mackenzie stammered.

“These frilly little contraptions you call bras,” he replied.  “You don’t need them anymore.”


“No buts,” he scolded, reaching out with his free hand to grasp her chin.  “You will obey me in this.”

She stared into his eyes for a long moment before nodding awkwardly, signaling her surrender.  She knew it was better not to argue, at least not for something so unimportant.

He gave her a bright smile and leaned forward to kiss her again.  It started soft but quickly built in intensity, and this time, she didn’t resist him.  There seemed little point, and she could feel desire stirring deep inside of her, despite the strong, almost sickening stench of blood clogging her nose.  He released her hands and wrapped both arms around her, squeezing her to him for a moment before scooping her up into his arms.  He sat on the bench, forcing her to straddle him, all without breaking the kiss.

When he finally pulled away, his eyes were sparkling with lust, and a cocky grin was plastered all over his beautiful, blood stained face.  His hands, which had settled themselves low on her hips while he kissed her, began to slowly work their way upward, caressing the skin of her sides gently. Mackenzie moaned softly, wiggling instinctively in his lap, enjoying the sensation of his cool hands on her suddenly fevered skin.  He groaned deeply, his eyes slipping closed for a moment, and she felt his erection suddenly pressing against her.  She let out her own groan and wiggled again.


This story is a work in progress, but it’s getting closer and closer to completion by the day.

 Look for it up in the near future on Amazon, Smashwords, and most major ebook distributors.



A Small Excerpt from “Falling For Him” by Eden Devoe

Falling for Him by Eden DevoeWhile out jogging, Andrea ends up falling for a truly hot guy…literally.  When she ends up in the dirt, he comes to her rescue, and things quickly blossom.   Here’s a small excerpt from the story.  Enjoy!!



I looked toward the spot again and nodded.  For better or for worse, I was willing to go wherever this handsome man led.  The wild, almost manic grin that spread over his face was quite endearing, and I couldn’t help but reach out and caress his cheek softly.  He placed one hand over it for a moment then released it and held his out to me.  I took it and was quickly pulled to my feet.  Unfortunately, my foot instantly reminded me that, although the rest of my body was willing to follow, it certainly wasn’t.  I whimpered loudly in pain and would have fallen again if he hadn’t been holding me up.  “I…there’s no way I can make it,” I exclaimed in a small, defeated voice.  I almost felt like crying.  All of my wild fantasies and daydreams about the man in front of me had been about to come true, but now I was being denied.

He gave me a small smile, caressed my right cheek and kissed me softly.  “Grab your shoe.”  I did as he asked, using his arm to steady myself as I balanced on one foot and leaned over to grab my discarded items.  As soon as I had them, I felt him scoop me up into his arms.  I squealed slightly in fright, but it passed almost instantly.

He carried me quickly toward the small hill, seemingly unbothered by my weight, and we were at the top before I knew it, disappearing into a sea of trees.  I knew we were now completely blocked from sight from anyone on the trail, and I felt a burst of nervousness.  What are you doing? I asked myself.  I was allowing a perfect (albeit a gorgeous) stranger to carry me into the woods.  There was something so very wrong about the situation, but I couldn’t seem to make myself protest.  His kiss had been all the motivation I needed to allow him to take me where he wanted, and the bulge I had glimpsed in his shorts told me I was unlikely to regret it.

We quickly came to the little ruins we had spotted from below and found them to be suitable to our needs.  He moved to a large, relatively clear rock, and sat, maneuvering me into his lap.  “You are so beautiful,” he whispered softly before kissing me again.  It started gentle this time.  The neediness from before was still there, but now that he knew I wanted him too, it seemed a little less important to rush things.  His hands wandered softly up my sides, while slowly pulling my shirt upward, exposing my tummy and back.  I didn’t protest.  Instead, I wrapped my arms firmly around his neck and thrust my hands into his hair, pulling him against me, deepening the kiss.

I heard him growl deeply, and his hands no longer wandered quite so slowly or softly.  He all but pulled my shirt up, tugging it so that I was forced to break away from him and let him rip it up and off.  He threw it to one side without even looking then turned his gaze back to me.  I loved watching his bright, beautiful blue eyes wandering up and down my form.  They focused mainly on the sports bra that now separated him from his ultimate goal.  He met my eyes for a moment, and I expected him to ask me to take that off as well, but he never opened his mouth.  Instead, he reached out and grasped the edges of the bra, pulling it upward enough so that my breasts popped free.  He let out another sexy growl and immediately leaned forward, capturing the nearest one in his mouth.

He didn’t do much of anything for the first few moments, simply sat there with the tip of my breast in his mouth, teasing me.  After nearly a minute ticked by, I let out a small murmur of displeasure and wiggled in his lap.  I was rewarded with a playful bite on the nipple.  Ripples of pleasure surged through me, and I couldn’t hold back the small moan.  I felt him smile, and his tongue danced around my nipple, tickling it and making it tingle.  He sucked hard suddenly, startling another loud moan from me.  I could feel myself growing wet from just the little attention he was showing me.  I wanted more, I wanted his hands and mouth on every part of my body.  Almost as if reading my thoughts, his right hand came up and grasped my other boob, squeezing softly.  It quickly grew in intensity as he tightened his grip.  I didn’t mind.  I enjoyed the sensation of both pleasure and pain, only begging him to stop when he was squeezing hard enough that I thought he might bruise the flesh.  He did as I asked, but moved his fingers quickly to the exposed nipple, rolling it softly between a finger and his thumb.  The feeling was almost electrifying, and I couldn’t stop myself from wiggling in his lap again.

His head popped up as he released my nipple, a large smirk on his face.  “Careful, or you’re going to fall,” he chided, and I could hear the chuckle lurking behind the words.

“I can’t help it,” I replied softly, shifting in his lap again, this time in an attempt to tease him.

He grinned wickedly.  “You like my attention?” he asked softly.  I nodded.  “Do you want more?” I nodded again, more frantically this time.  “Should I stay here?” he asked, his tongue flicking softly across one nipple as he leaned forward, “Or do you want me to taste other parts of you as well?”



If you like the excerpt, please head on over to Amazon or Smashwords and purchase the book.  There are plenty more for you to find and enjoy there as well.  Cheers!

Excerpt from Offering – Book 1 of “A Werewolf’s Pet”

Offering (a werewolf's Pet)Who doesn’t love werewolves?  Especially the truly sexy ones?  In my “A Werewolf’s Pet” series,  Lorelei finds out what it’s like to not only be surrounded by werewolves but to be the center of their attention a lot of the time.  Here’s a small excerpt.  Enjoy!!


Lorelei moved forward again, eyes locked on the house.  She couldn’t make out much in the way of detail, it was too far away, but she could tell that it was well cared for and huge.  It looked almost sunny and bright with its pale yellow exterior, but for some reason it gave her the creeps.  It was not a place she thought she would be coming back out of, and the thought terrified her.

She nearly screamed when a rather large shape stepped out from behind a tree to the left of her.  One guy was bad enough, but two was just a disaster waiting to happen.  The newcomer stepped just in front of her, making her halt.  She braced herself for another sharp jab to her back and was surprised when nothing happened.  “My, my, my, what have we here” the man said in a deep, gruff voice, pulling her attention back to him.  “She’s a pretty one, Maze.”

The man behind her snickered.  “She’s not for you, Cam.  She’s a present for Razzor.”

“Trying to get back in his good graces, huh?” the man named Cam replied.  He began circling the pair of them, seeming to study her, and Lorelei felt like her skin was about to crawl away from her very bones.  Her instincts were screaming for her to run, but she knew she wouldn’t get far.  “This one might do it, Maze, but Raz is pretty furious with you.  I’m not sure even such a beautiful piece of ass like this will do the trick.”

“This chick is special.”

Cam frowned, and it was terrifying.  Lorelei had to try hard to resist the urge to step backward, away from him.  “Special how?” he demanded.  He leaned close and sniffed her.  “She smells delicious, but she’s still just a human. What’s so special?”

“Razzor likes this one,” Maze replied.  “I’ve seen him watching her from time to time.”

Lorelei blinked in surprise at his words.  One of these people had been watching her?  The creepy feeling grew stronger.  She saw Cam’s right eyebrow rise in surprise.  He sniffed her again, reminding her of a dog.  He shrugged.  “She certainly smells good enough to eat.”

Almost immediately, they both started laughing hysterically, and she couldn’t help but feel like she was missing some critical bit of information.  She didn’t get long to consider it, though.  Abruptly, Cam grabbed her by the chin and tipped her head backward so that she was forced to look up at him, meeting his eyes.  She flinched as if slapped when she did, and had to blink several times, certain she couldn’t be seeing things correctly.  His eyes did not look normal.  They did not even look human to her.  The color of his orbs was an intense yellow, and unlike normal eyes, the color was not limited to the iris.  Other than the pupil, which was larger than normal in her estimation, the yellow extended right to the very edge of his eye.  There was no way they were human.  She felt her heart skip a few beats.  He grinned at her, revealing a set of very sharp teeth that looked more like something one would see on a predator.  She shivered violently at the grin.  “Do you know what we are, little girl?” when she shook her head frantically, his bizarre and frightening smile widened.  He leaned closer until his nose was touching hers.  Staring deep into her eyes he said one word that made her blood run cold.  “Werewolves.”

She stood there in shocked surprise for a long time, unable to produce any sort of reaction.  She knew she should laugh.  Werewolves don’t exist, her mind screamed at her.  But staring into those inhuman eyes made it seem not only plausible but terrifyingly real.

Cam laughed, a deep rumble that sounded like boulders falling down the side of a cliff, and shook his head.  “I don’t think she believes me, Maze.”  He gave her his awful, toothy grin again.  “Maybe I should give her a demonstration.”

Lorelei felt her eyes widen with his words, and her heart began to race.  She didn’t know what was about to happen, but she was quite certain she didn’t want to see it.

“Another time, Cam,” the man behind her spoke up coldly.  “Let’s not scare the poor girl to death before she even reaches Razzor.”

Cam gave him a dirty look but shrugged and didn’t push it.  A sudden movement to her right drew her gaze, and Lorelei whipped her head in that direction, terrified of what she would see.  She was already freaked out enough to feel like she might pass out at any moment.  She didn’t need more surprises.  When she saw more people making their way toward her little group, drawn to them by some signal she couldn’t hear, see, or smell, she felt her heart sink.  With this many people around, she’d never find a way to escape, not that she had thought for a second that she could get away from Maze or Cam.

She could hear excited, interested murmurs as the people drew closer, all looking at her with a predatory glare, as if she was a juicy steak and they were a starving horde.  If Cam had been telling the truth, and she suspected he had no matter how unbelievable it was, then that was probably exactly what she was.

A woman- a tall, sophisticated blond- was the first to reach them.  Lorelei started in fright when the woman reached out to caress her hair, running her long fingers through Lorelei’s silky tresses.  “Such a lovely shade of red,” the woman murmured, “and so wavy.”  She brushed her fingers over Lorelei’s right cheek, almost tenderly and added, “I wonder if the shade continues everywhere.”

“Why don’t we find out?” Cam stated suddenly in answer to the woman’s query.  Lorelei, who was too surrounded to see clearly what was happening, felt something slicing through the fabric of her shirt and bra.  They fell open, exposing her ample breasts.  She gave a yelp of surprise and tried to cover herself, but she was too crowded to manage to raise her hands more than an inch or so.  Rough hands almost instantly reached out to cup them, covering them from general view, but that wasn’t exactly a compromise she was happy with.  She felt more hands, none too gentle, tugging her jean shorts down toward her ankles.



If you’d like to read more, please check out my books, available from all major ebook retailers, including Amazon and Smashwords.

My Brother’s Best Friend Excerpt

My Brother's Best Friend by Eden DevoeHere’s a little sneak peek from inside the story “My Brother’s Best Friend” by Eden Devoe.  Enjoy!!


He turned to me, his light brown eyes meeting mine, and I suppressed another pleasant shiver.   “Paul says he won’t be back tonight.  And he told the rest of the guys not to bother showing up either.”

I raised an eyebrow.  “Oh?”

“Maria called.  He’s over there now.  I guess they’ve made up.”  He gave me a goofy grin.  “I could hear her yelling in the background to get off the phone and come to bed.”  He chuckled softly.

“Oh, I see,” I nodded, slightly disappointed.  I expected him to excuse himself at any moment, but I really didn’t want him to go.

“Well, there go the plans for the evening,” he smiled.  “I was looking forward to playing a few games.”

“We could…I mean, if you want…I could play with you,” I stammered like an idiot.

He cocked his head to one side.  “You play games?”

I chuckled.  “Who do you think owns the Xbox?”

He gave me a huge grin.  “You’re on.”  He stood, sorted through the pile of games, stuck one in and handed me a controller.  Before sitting back down, he walked to the kitchen and grabbed a few more beers.  He popped one open, took a large swig, and smiled at me.  “Let’s make things interesting.”

I cocked an eyebrow at him again.  “Interesting?”

He nodded.  “We’ll play it like truth or dare style.  Winner gets to dare the loser to do something.  If they won’t, then they have to give up some sort of secret.  But you can’t pass on every dare or there will be consequences.”  He took another large sip of beer, his eyes wandering up and down my body again.  “Deal?”

I stared at him for a long moment, uncertain if I should agree or not.  I drank some of the beer in my hands and decided that I would play along.  It sounded like fun, and anything that kept Jason in my house longer sounded worthwhile.  “Sure, why not?” I shrugged.

He gave me a goofy grin.  “You’re sure?” he probed.  “If we keep drinking, the dares might get a little crazy.”  He licked his lips again as he stared at me, and I felt the blush creeping back into my cheeks.

“Yes, I’m sure,” I squeaked out finally.

He nodded and pressed the start button for the game.

The first match was a close one, and I lost to him by only a few points.  He laughed and gloated over his victory for a moment before turning toward me.  “So, first dare, I suppose.”  He looked me up and down, seeming to think hard about his request.  “I dare you to eat a bug.”

“Eww, gross,” I replied, shuddering with revulsion.  “No.”

He laughed and winked at me.  “I knew you wouldn’t do it.  I wanted truth this time anyway.”  He gave me a bright smile.  “So, are you attracted to me?”

I blinked in surprise, my cheeks instantly on fire.  I knew lying to him was out.  I was sure he had guessed the truth the moment he had asked the question.  “Yes.”

“Truly attracted to me, as in want me, or just think I’m handsome?” He demanded, his expression unreadable.

I blushed harder.  “The first one.”

He gave me a large smile and nodded.  “Next round,” he said, turning back to the game.

Slightly embarrassed, and perhaps a little disappointed, I downed the rest of my beer before picking the controller back up. I tried desperately to focus on the game instead of Jason, but it didn’t work well.  I couldn’t help by steal tiny glances at him from the corner of my eye every two seconds, and it completely destroyed my concentration.  I lost horribly.

He let out another loud laugh.  “I win again,” he gloated, turning to face me.  “Let’s try this dare thing again, shall we?”  He watched me for a long moment before saying anything, and I felt my nervousness rising at the thought of what he might ask me to do next, and what the consequences he had hinted at might be if I refused.  “I dare you,” he began, an evil grin on his face again.  He paused, meeting my gaze, holding me spellbound.  “I dare you to kiss me.”

My eyes widened in shock and my jaw dropped open.  I stared at him in shock for a long moment.  “What?”

“Kiss me,” he repeated calmly.  “Slide a little closer and plant those full, pouty lips on mine.”

“You’re…you’re serious?” I stammered, certain he had to be joking.  He nodded and patted the spot next to him.  I sat quietly for a long time, unsure what to do.  I wanted to kiss him (I wanted to do a hell of a lot more than kiss him if I was being honest), but I was terrified that it was some sort of childish prank designed to embarrass me.  Paul had reminded me just hours before that the man in front of me had always seen me as a little sister.  I could feel him watching me, waiting patiently, and I finally found enough courage to give it a try.  Sliding close to him, shaking slightly with anxiety, I leaned forward and brushed my lips against his.

I turned away quickly, feeling embarrassed as hell, and it only increased when he chuckled softly.  His next words made me feel a bit better, though.  “Come, come now, Kitty Kat.  That was like how you would kiss Paul in greeting.  I want a real kiss.”  He moved his hand to the side of my face, caressing my cheek softly before smoothing his hand over my hair.  “You can do better than that.”  I could see amusement dancing in his eyes as well as excitement.


If you’re interested in reading more, it’s available on both Amazon and Smashwords, as well as most other major ebook retailers.